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Weekly Reader – August 7, 2017

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, August 7

Donor Intent: Building a Legacy of Impact Through Partnerships (Charles H. Hamilton, Philanthrofiles) Too often, donors (and philanthropoids) wrongly see no need to listen to grantees, heaven forbid. The idea of “strategic philanthropy” in practice too frequently fosters donor conceit and that stale old “I’ll go it alone because I know best” attitude.

Tuesday, August 8

Risk and Reward: Positioning Your Nonprofit for Sustained Impact (Katie Leonberger and Jeff Ballow, Nonprofit Quarterly) Mary hung up the phone, stunned by the news that her nonprofit’s largest funder was dramatically reducing funding because of a change in giving focus. Mary’s story is far from unique in the nonprofit sector; in fact, it is extremely common.

Wednesday, August 9

For Grantmakers, a Widening Battle to Defend Immigrant Communities (Alyssa Ochs, Inside Philanthropy) Six months into Donald Trump’s presidency, foundation support for embattled immigrant and refugee populations continues to be strong nationwide—and is even growing.

Thursday, August 10

5 best practices for being a better Grantmaker (Bolliana Binyakob, Optimy) In order to make the best funding decision, grantmakers work extremely hard to put the application questions together in order to gain as much information from grantseekers as possible before making any funding decisions. Although the application process will be long for grantseekers, there are ways in which grantmakers can make this application process easier for grantseekers.

Friday, August 11

NoVo’s Radical Hope Fund a Result of Radical Listening (Cyndi Suarez, Nonprofit Quarterly) The NoVo Foundation has asked themselves tough questions, such as, “Can philanthropy support the transformation of society?” Now, they are looking to support transnational movement building with the launch of the Radical Hope Fund.

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