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PEAK Grantmaking

Weekly Reader – December 11, 2017

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, December 11

Youth philanthropists have made +$19M in grants since 2001, new data show spirit of giving is strong year-round for young changemakers (Markets Insider) Young people around the world care about causes ranging from the environment to the arts to mental health to sexual safety, and they’re putting money where their hearts are.

Tuesday, December 12

Hewlett Foundation Commits $600 Million for Climate Change Efforts (Philanthropy News Digest) The pledge was announced on the eve of French president Emmanuel Macron’s convening of global government, business, and philanthropic sector leaders to discuss private and public financing for global efforts to implement the Paris climate change agreement.

Wednesday, December 13

Grantmaking In the South Is Way Up. Can It Become the Region’s “Passing Gear?” (Inside Philanthropy, Alyssa Ochs) The South is one area where philanthropy has been evolving fast, as we’ve been reporting. After decades of wealth creation, new funders are coming onto the scene, even as older ones step up their game with more strategic grantmaking.

Thursday, December 14

We Got By With A Little Help From Our Friends (The Whitman Institute, Pia Infante) Our grief for our nation’s continued failure to realize democracy and dignity for all is outmatched by gratitude for the ways that so many stood for dignity and liberation at every twisted turn.

Friday, December 15

Participatory Grantmaking: Power to the People (Nonprofit Chronicles, Marc Gunther) Nothing about us without us. This declaration has become a rallying cry for the disability rights movement.* It could just as well be a call to arms for participatory grantmaking — the practice of giving more power over philanthropic spending to the people that it is supposed to help.

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