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Weekly Reader – February 6, 2017

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, February 6

Voice from the Field: Risk Management, Foundation Practice, and the Status Quo (John Bare, Nonprofit Quarterly) In the nonprofit world, too often risk is precious in our rhetoric but neglected in professional practice. As a result, our grants mostly produce that with which we say we are most dissatisfied: the status quo.

Tuesday, February 7

A Critical Time for Philanthropy’s Voice to Be Heard (David Biemesderfer, Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers) If there were ever a time for philanthropy to speak with a strong voice on the issues and values it cares about, now is the time. Whenever there is a new Congress and new Presidential administration, it is a critical moment for all sectors to ensure they are being heard—philanthropy included. That need is heightened for philanthropy during this time of significant divisiveness in our country, as I’ve written about before.

Wednesday, February 8

Love, power, and the nonprofit sector (Vu Le, Nonprofit With Balls) Hi everyone, Valentine’s Day is coming up, so let’s turn down the lights, play some soft music, uncork a medium-priced bottle of white zinfandel, and gaze deep into one another’s eyes as we reflect on the intersection of love and power and how the nonprofit sector must embrace this duality to effectively fight injustice during this current political turmoil. Hold on, I’m going to slip into something a little more…comfortable.

Thursday, February 9

With Smart Philanthropy, Anything Is Possible (Aaron Dorfman, Philanthropy News Digest) There are no limits to what philanthropy can accomplish if we dream big, take risks, and set aside our egos and look for ways to work collaboratively.

Friday, February 10

Philanthropy, You in Danger, Girl! Five Things Philanthropies Need to Do Now in the Trump Age (Edgar Villanuvea, Huffington Post) These first two weeks in Trump’s America have been chaotic and stressful, but already emblematic of the dire needs philanthropy must step up to. From those who could be left out of affordable health care to those bandied about in an educational system with an uncertain future to immigrants and refugees encountering the suffering that they were attempting to flee, this short time has lit a fire in all of us working on the progressive side of philanthropy.

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