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Weekly Reader – January 9, 2017

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, January 9

The Policy Debate on the Wealth Gap? Not So Much (Martin Levine, Nonprofit Quarterly) Sometimes, a conceptual frame is exactly what’s needed to help the public understand an issue…and sometimes it just keeps us all stuck in Never-never Land. For instance, at heart, we want to believe that the American Dream is alive and well: If you go to school, work hard, and live a good life, you can succeed.

Tuesday, January 10

Foundations, how aggravating is your grantmaking process? Use this checklist to find out! (Vu Le, Nonprofit With Balls) As we roll into 2017, there have been lots of articles about how philanthropy must adapt, including my post urging funders to increase payout and fund advocacy efforts, as well as this piece on moving away from “charity” toward “justice.” These conversations are critical and we must keep having them. While we figure that stuff out, though, let’s take care of a few logistical things foundations do that make us nonprofits want to roll up a printed-out copy of our tax filings and beat ourselves unconscious.

Wednesday, January 11

Need a culture of philanthropy? 8 ideas to cultivate one. (Mary Cahalane, Hands On Fundraising) By now, everyone has heard about how important a “culture of philanthropy” is to our organizations. But how many are really building one?

Thursday, January 12

Rebranding Philanthropy: How Millennial Women Are Disrupting Giving Back (Debra J. Mesch, Forbes) Figuring out how to stay relevant in this new philanthropic landscape is a challenge, especially for millennials. “Big bets” and formal giving plans are great if your name is Ford or MacArthur, but that doesn’t mean that women donors large and small should shy away from giving to causes they’re passionate about.

Friday, January 13

Finding Our Place in a Post-Election Society…or, To Live Together, We Must Give Together (Felicia Herman and Joelle Asaro Berman, Philanthropy News Digest) When the sixth call asking for our help came in days after the presidential election, we started to realize that interest in giving circles — groups of people who come together, pool their charitable donations, and decide together how to give those resources away — had never been greater.


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