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PEAK Grantmaking

Weekly Reader – July 8, 2019

What we’re reading and recommending this week. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Advancing Equity in Health Systems by Addressing Racial Justice (Amy Reid, Santiago Nariño, Hema Magge, and Angelina Sassi, SSIR) Lessons on racial equity underscore the need to set explicit aims, build coalitions, and flatten hierarchies in order to strengthen healthcare’s role in undoing systems of oppression.

In Search of Peaceful Development (Lauren Bradford, Hope Lyons, and Rasha Sansur, Alliance Magazine) Working in the field of peace and conflict resolution involves a particular set of demands. Funders need to be aware and willing to meet them.

Philanthropy with a Racial Equity Lens (Anna Cruz, CEP Blog) Centering race so that we can advance racial equity requires us to focus on both inward and outward change.

The Growth in Total Household Giving Is Camouflaging a Decline in Giving by Small and Medium Donors: What Can We Do about It? (Patrick M. Rooney, Nonprofit Quarterly) Research on giving in the United States has now produced definitive empirical evidence to show a decline in the participation and amounts donated by “small” and “medium” (actually, median) donors and an increasing reliance on “large” donors.

Two Things to Avoid When Communicating with Millennials (Carter Skeel, Philanthropy Daily) At the most fundamental level, human beings crave the same things—connection, community, fulfillment, to name a few. Of course, these are manifested differently for everyone.

Don’t “Ghost” Declined Applicants: The Ins and Outs of Giving Applicant Feedback (Glasspockets) We believe that transparency and opening lines of communication is critical to good grantmaking.