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Weekly Reader – June 10, 2019

What we’re reading and recommending this week. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.

How to Transition Your Investment Portfolio Toward Impact (Hummayun Javed and Gabrielle Morgan, SSIR) A review of dozens of case studies, industry reports, and discussions reveals important insights into impact investing from innovators and early adopters.

Lessons Learned: Directing the Future of Giving (Mike Rizer, Philanthropy Journal) Companies that involve employees in their philanthropic efforts are best poised to make the greatest difference – for their communities and their talent recruitment.

Self-Coaching Strategies for Nonprofit Leaders (Jean Lobell, Mohan Sikka, and Pavitra Menon, Nonprofit Quarterly) Offering some just-in-time leadership development strategies that can provide nonprofit leaders with opportunities to shift their perspective and stretch their current repertoire of practices and competencies.

Using Feedback to Inform Policy and Advocacy Work (Linda Baker, CEP Blog) A new report commissioned by Fund for Shared Insight gives us a glimpse at why, how, and where feedback might also be employed by organizations focused on policy and advocacy.

“Where’re You From and What Are You?” Is Your Label Celebrated? (Beverley Samuda-Wylder and Ryan Schlegel, NCRP Blog) NCRP’s staff is still learning – all of us – how to create an environment where our different identities are celebrated, nurtured and allowed the full expression that adds so much richness to our organizational culture and to the work we do in the world.

Why More and More Executive Directors of Color Are Leaving Their Positions (Vu Le, There are several reasons, and it is important for us to understand them.