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Weekly Reader – March 27, 2017

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, March 27

Losing Our Religion: Against Sector Agnosticism (Phil Buchanan, CEP blog) Declaring sector agnosticism in the context of pursuing social impact is not helpful or wise because it obscures the fact that the sectors play distinct and different roles,

Tuesday, March 28

From Good Idea to Problem Solved: Funding the Innovation Means Funding the Process (Mandy Ellerton & Molly Matheson-Gruen, GrantCraft) Good ideas for solving our toughest social problems come from a variety of places. But, we need more than just good ideas – we need transparent and thoughtful ways to get community buy-in and a wide variety of perspectives to make those ideas a reality.

Wednesday, March 29

Focus and Hope (Kathleen P. Enright, The Huffington Post) In recent weeks I’ve heard how foundations across the country are responding to policy changes enacted by the Trump administration. In fact, when a group of GEO members comes together right now, the conversation quickly turns how those decisions are affecting communities and grantees.

Thursday, March 30

Will Philanthropy Get a Trump Bump? 5 Predictions and 11 Tips (Ian McCuaig, Guidestar) Based on my 20 years developing and executing donor-centric fundraising strategies, I have a nonpartisan prediction: philanthropy will get an unforeseen Trump bump. Overall giving will certainly rise.

Friday, March 31

Philanthropy Speaks Up in Washington (David Biemesderfer, Forum of Regional Association of Grantmakers) More than 300 philanthropy leaders from 28 states gathered in Washington for #FOTH17, participating in hundreds of meetings with their representatives and senators. It was one of the largest gatherings in FOTH’s 14-year history, and the largest in the past nine years.


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