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Weekly Reader – November 12, 2018

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, November 12

Use Customer Surveys to Measure and Improve Nonprofit Programs (Melinda Tuan & Jessica Kiessel, SSIR) For decades, social organizations have struggled to gather meaningful data to prove programs work. Yet a simple and often overlooked measurement solution exists beyond evaluation and monitoring: directly asking constituents for their feedback.

Tuesday, November 13

How Are Funders Understanding and Sharing What Works? (Ellie Buteau, PhD, CEP Blog) In the research we are releasing today, we offer some deeper reasons why foundations may not be sharing more about what they are learning, among other findings.

Wednesday, November 14

Three Lessons for Philanthropists from the Midterm Elections (Aaron Dorfman, NCRP Blog) One thing is clear from the midterm elections: Grassroots groups and ordinary people are going all out to defend democracy. Big Philanthropy should do the same.

Thursday, November 15

Is Big Philanthropy Destroying Democracy? (Amy Costello, Nonprofit Quarterly) Stanford professor Rob Reich says we need look no further than Silicon Valley to see the influence rich people are wielding over American democracy.

Friday, November 16

What Traits do America’s Favorite Charities Share? (Sandra Cyr, Philanthropy Journal) Non-profit insights specialist Grey Matter Research and panel company Opinions4Good asked a sample of 1,000 American charitable donors to name their very favorite donor-supported organization.