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Weekly Reader – November 6, 2017

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, November 6

Opening the Door: Is There Any Good Reason Not to Accept Proposals? (Tate Williams, Inside Philanthropy) Because most of our readership is grantseekers, whenever I talk to program staff in the course of reporting, I’ll usually ask how people can apply for funding. At which point, some will get sheepish and explain that they’re not accepting proposals, usually offering one of a handful of reasons.

Tuesday, November 7

New tax “reform” bill could seriously screw nonprofits and the people we serve (Vu Le, NonprofitAF) We nonprofits are likely to face not just less funding from the government and less funding from individual donors due to fewer incentives for people to give, but we’ll also be paying more taxes on things like sponsorships and other earned revenues, and some of us may have to give up our nonprofit status and become for-profits.

Wednesday, November 8

Streamlining a Foundation Initiative’s Grant Practices (Daniel Stid & Jillian Misrack Galbete, SSIR) How the Hewlett Foundation’s Madison Initiative has redesigned its grantmaking process to make life easier for both its staff and its grantees.

Thursday, November 9

Star Trek and the Future of the Nonprofit Sector (Vu Le, Nonprofit Quarterly) It’s time for us all to abandon our outdated practices and move into the future.

Friday, November 10

The Case for Funding Black-led Social Change (Nat Chioke Williams & Susan Taylor Batten, National Center for Family Philanthropy) The country has long resisted grappling with its history of slavery and legacy of anti-Black racism, and with the impact they’ve had on the Black community. Today, the nation has an important opportunity to address this legacy. Philanthropy can play a pivotal role by reversing its under-investment in Black-led social change.

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