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PEAK Grantmaking

Weekly Reads—April 8, 2022

Enjoy PEAK’s weekly roundup of timely insights from the grantmaking community and beyond.

As the humanitarian and economic crises resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine worsens, stay up to date on the many ways in which philanthropy can provide aid by visiting this continuously updated page of resources maintained by the Council on Foundations. If you are currently making grants in this area, please see information on how to share your data with Candid to help track the sector’s response. [more]

“The most recent 2022 Health of the U.S. Nonprofit Sector: Quarterly Review provides Independent Sector’s analysis of federal data highlighting the nonprofit sector’s economic contributions and human capital. Recommendations cover research, practice, and policy. As the nonprofit sector continues to be the underpinning of civil society and healthy, equitable communities, our goal is to spur deeper discussions, greater action, and more collaboration so that everyone in the U.S. can thrive.” [more]
Independent Sector

“Funders should prioritize fostering the strong relationships between themselves and grantees that facilitate the most productive reporting processes and amplify societal good. As one leader reflected last year, ‘We have gone way too far in what we expect nonprofits to report on, and how we expect them to define the minutiae of their impact. At some point, we just have to trust them.’” [more]
Satia Marotta, The Center for Effective Philanthropy

“For funders interested in criminal justice reform, in particular, movement building is central because it strives to reimagine the criminal legal system and the harm that it causes. … Philanthropic funding will never be able to start a movement, because people would come together and fight for a better life regardless. But philanthropy is the fuel that gives movements lasting power, can propel them to the next level to achieve transformative success, and sustain them against powerful opposition.” [more]
Allana Jackson, Alexandra Williams, Leslie Hicks, Yizhi Hu, and Cora Daniels, The Bridgespan Group