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PEAK Grantmaking

Weekly Reads – August 21, 2020

A roundup of timely insight from the grantmaking community and beyond.

“Funders: Follow the frontline leaders. […] Their holistic approach aligns with people’s lived experience. […] Community-led problem-solving is tailored to the local context and garners more buy-in. And the ‘ecosystem’ approach enables community groups to broaden their base of support, nurture reciprocal relationships, and build a stronger, more adaptable movement ecosystem.” [more]
– Shamar Bibbins, The Kresge Foundation

“Grantmakers are increasingly recognizing that social change requires an investment in technology. Yet, as the pandemic has taught us, it will take more than tools alone – the collective strength of civil society depends on building the digital capacity of both funders and their nonprofit partners.” [more]
Roadmap for Funders: Investing in Digital Infrastructure; Technology Association of Grantmakers, NetHope, NTEN, and TechSoup

“There are typically two sides of the house at a foundation – those who are tasked to sustain and grow the pot of money and those who are tasked with delivering on the mission. Rarely do the two sides interact, and when they do, their work is often seen in tension. What if we brought these two sides of the house into deeper inquiry together about the choice to protect fiscal growth over mission impact?” [more]
– Pia Infante, The Whitman Institute

Candid’s “survey of surveys” is a trove of insight on COVID-19 impact and response on financial constraints, challenges of working remotely, new ways of responding to the crisis, and the importance of funder support for building resilience. [more]
– Sarina Dayak, Candid