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PEAK Grantmaking

Weekly Reads—February 18, 2022

Enjoy PEAK’s weekly roundup of timely insights from the grantmaking community and beyond.

“A striking finding in the CEP study [Foundations Respond to Crisis] is that within racial equity, it is primarily to Black- and Latino-led organizations that funders have increased their support. Very few have increased the percentage of grant dollars going to organizations that serve Asian Americans (only 10 percent give 25 percent of grant dollars or more), Middle Eastern and North African (only 6 percent give 25 percent of grant dollars or more), Native American (only 11 percent give 25 percent of grant dollars or more), and Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander communities (only 4 percent give 25 percent of grant dollars or more).” [more]
Shireen Zaman and Chris Cardona, Ford Foundation, for The Center for Effective Philanthropy

“Each year, the Foun­da­tion col­lects demo­graph­ic data from grantees to mon­i­tor fund­ing to orga­ni­za­tions of col­or (defined as orga­ni­za­tions that have both a chief exec­u­tive and a major­i­ty of staff who iden­ti­fy as peo­ple of col­or). By dis­ag­gre­gat­ing this data, Casey learned that grantees of col­or had medi­an bud­gets that were just 59% the size of its oth­er grantees and car­ried a medi­an cost rate of 21% — more than 2% high­er than orga­ni­za­tions that were not grantees of col­or. These dif­fer­ences sug­gest that a one-size-fits-all approach to an indi­rect cost rate pol­i­cy is inequitable and dis­pro­por­tion­ate­ly lim­its small­er grantees, includ­ing grantees of color.” [more]
Katie Tetrault, The Annie E. Casey Foundation

“Candid has been flooded with inquiries from foundations and corporate grantmakers working to re-focus their grantmaking toward smaller, Black-led organizations that are steeped in their communities and in the best position to tackle issues stemming from racial injustice. Given the surge in demand for this information, Candid decided to incorporate demographic data into the [GuideStar Seals of Transparency] requirements.” [more]
Ann Mei Chang, Candid