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PEAK Grantmaking

Weekly Reads—January 7, 2022

Enjoy PEAK’s weekly roundup of timely insights from the grantmaking community and beyond.

“Together we trust the track records of impact and on-the-ground insights of hundreds of carefully selected teams working from within communities, offering them all the money up front and then stepping out of their way, encouraging them to spend it however they choose. I understand that this approach, and probably any approach, will mean having given to organizations that might make choices I wouldn’t make myself, but that’s the point. I believe the gifts will do more good if others are free from my ideas about what they should do. And this trust—another resource it’s difficult to measure—is the aspect of gifts that many have said they value most.” [more]
MacKenzie Scott for Medium

“As grantmakers, we must wrestle with the uncomfortable realization that solutions and responses can shift because the challenges that nonprofits and communities face, too, change over time. This takes courage: to admit that we may not always know what nonprofits and communities need to thrive. But if we listen deeply and commit to collaboration with partners and peers, real change is possible.” [more]
Marcus Walton, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

“For too long, philanthropy has treated disability as a niche area for specialized foundations, an approach that is rooted in the ableist notion that disability is a separate issue that isn’t integral to work that addresses injustice and inequality. …To build a world where everyone is equal, organizations fighting for justice—and the funders supporting them—need to understand how society’s diverse systems of oppression reinforce one another and center intersectionality and the disability community in their work.” [more]
Avichai Scher for Stanford Social Innovation Review