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PEAK Grantmaking

Weekly Reads—July 2, 2021

Enjoy PEAK’s weekly roundup of timely insights from the grantmaking community and beyond.

“It’s time—actually well past time—to apply tried-and-true templates for grassroots movement building to the entire social sector and create demand for public policy changes that will move the needle toward long-term shared prosperity.” [more]
Laura Deaton, Multiplier, in Stanford Social Innovation Review

“Our field needs to more deeply embrace addition by subtraction. If you think of your institution as one of finite capacity, sometimes it’s better to let some things go to free up more capacity to engage in the things that matter most to your community and are most relevant to our unique niche in the nonprofit ecosystem.” [more]
Neel Hajra, Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, on Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

“In the same way that trust-based philanthropy encourages funders to trust nonprofits as experts in what they need, Shared Insight encourages nonprofits and foundations to trust that the people and communities they serve know best what they need. We see a deep connection between funders practicing high-quality listening with nonprofit partners and funders and nonprofits engaging in high-quality feedback loops with the people and communities at the heart of their work.” [more]
Melinda Tuan, Fund for Shared Insight, on Center for Effective Philanthropy