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PEAK Grantmaking

Weekly Reads – June 26, 2020

A roundup of timely insight from the grantmaking community and beyond.

“Despite the creativity and resilience of Black communities, and the progress they have made with minimal funding, philanthropy’s disinvestment in Black communities has had real and painful consequences. This time, our sector must make a long-term commitment to fund grassroots organizations working to end anti-Black racism and state-sanctioned violence.” [more]
– Borealis Philanthropy

Code of Ethics for White Anti-Racists: 10 suggestions for stronger solidarity [more]
– JLove Calderon and Tim Wise

“As I’ve followed the coverage of recent rallies and protests, I have been inspired by stories of white protestors ‘forming a barrier between Black protestors and the police,’ essentially using their privilege to shield others — and in doing so increasing their personal risk. Reading about and seeing videos of this, I thought, isn’t this the role of philanthropy?” [more]
– Leaha Wynn, Center for Effective Philanthropy

“Note to white allies: When you beat up on your fellow white people for being ignorant about racism, you are NOT HELPING. Those naïve white people just waking up to racial justice? That want to do the right thing but are saying the wrong thing because they were just born to the struggle yesterday? They are YOUR JOB #1.” [more]
– Anoosh Jorjorian