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PEAK Grantmaking

Weekly Reads – November 6, 2020

A roundup of timely insight from the grantmaking community and beyond.

According to Candid data, “most foundation funding for voting that we capture supports expanding it – by registering voters, especially those who have been underrepresented in the U.S. electorate, providing voter information and documenting problems that voters encounter, and by reducing barriers to voting through litigation.”  [more]
– Anna Koob, Candid

Unmuted: What works, what doesn’t, and how we can all do better when working together online is based on a survey of nearly 4,500 people working in the social sector and suggests several best practices ranging from the tactical to the strategic.  [more]
– EPIP, in partnership with The Goodman Center

TAG’s newly released survey “provides valuable insights into the current state of technology in philanthropy including: how COVID-19 is affecting technology budgets and philanthropic support; ongoing challenges of building a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion; how foundations are approaching growing security threats; and what technology tools, practices, and management approaches are in use within philanthropy.”  [more]
– 2020 State of Philanthropy Tech, Technology Association of Grantmakers