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PEAK Grantmaking

Weekly Reads – October 10, 2019

A roundup of timely insight from the grantmaking community and beyond.

“[I]f we’re just closing gaps, we’re not actually fixing the systems that perpetuate inequities and structural racism. [Ibram X. Kendi] also said we can’t just be about what we don’t want, we have to articulate what we want.” [more]
—Borealis Philanthropy

Bridgespan has been pushing donors to give bigger and bolder for years now. How’s that going? [more]
—Inside Philanthropy

“This [DEI] journey has taught us that feedback reflects diversity only if organizations survey broadly to ensure that those who are hardest to reach are included. Feedback promotes inclusion only if people surveyed feel they are being heard and their opinions matter. And feedback advances equity only when those hearing the feedback are open to change, and are willing to engage those giving the feedback as partners in designing that change. At its best, feedback empowers people and shifts power in the sector.” [more]
—Melinda Tuan of Fund for Shared Insight, on CEP blog