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PEAK Grantmaking

Weekly Reads – October 23, 2020

A roundup of timely insight from the grantmaking community and beyond.

“Listening is especially critical during a crisis and as we seek to address long-standing injustice. In a quickly changing context, we need to hear from our constituents – be they our grantees or the communities we seek to serve – in order to understand how their needs and abilities are changing. […] Improving how you listen is absolutely worth doing and will give you important insights to help you make better decisions that you can’t access any other way.” [more]
– Megan Campbell, Feedback Labs, on GrantCraft

“This primer answers frequently asked legal questions about trust-based philanthropy for private foundations, and offers guidance on how to work within legal parameters to reinforce trust and relationship-building with grantee partners.” [more]
Legal Considerations for Trust-Based Philanthropy, Trust-Based Philanthropy Project

“The Libra Foundation has funded people of color (POC)-led groups in the social justice space for years, and we applied what we’ve learned about funding in this space to the core strategy for the Fund. These are the key lessons we brought with us into this effort: We must listen to our grantees, even when they tell us uncomfortable truths.  We must help organizations that are controversial, struggling, or just getting started in the work, too, since these are the organizations often leading change where it’s most needed. We must back up our allies. And we must be willing to be corrected if we make a mistake.” [more]
– Crystal Hayling, The Libra Foundation, on Center for Effective Philanthropy