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PEAK Grantmaking

What’s Ahead for PEAK in Year 26

Satonya Fair sits on a yellow couch. She's smiling and looking at the camera.
Welcome to 2022. We made it! We want to pause and share our sincere appreciation to everyone—founders, inaugural board members, new and established members, philanthropy visionaries—who helped us celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary, which is an incredible milestone for any nonprofit.
So, what’s ahead for year 26? Glad you asked!

Our year starts with publishing the next issue of PEAK Grantmaking Journal, which focuses on driving racial equity in philanthropy as voiced by our members and partners. This edition is a feast of ideas and highlights hard lessons learned and how each of us can and should be leading with our actions—not just words—when it comes to advancing racial equity in all that we do. Stand by: It’s coming your way later this month! 

Coming in February, our next Principles for Peak Grantmaking release is all about driving equity through demographic data. We’ll be publishing a set of four how-to guides that take a deep dive into all facets of the topic and will be available exclusively to our contributing Organization members. And in case you missed it, our demographic data action planner released last fall is open to the entire community and provides high-level guidance.

We’re busy developing an awesome program for PEAK2022 Online, and are honored to have an excellent committee of volunteers on board. We’ll announce sessions and keynotes next month and we hope to see you in March as we convene what we hope will be our best online conference ever.  

Look for the midyear release of our deep dive on the Steward Responsively Principle for Peak Grantmaking which will help members dig into creating more agile approaches to risk in their grantmaking practices. 

Expect a refreshed Grants Management Competency Model and an updated format for Grants Management 101. Our peer groups continue to flourish, there are new groups in the wings, and we are delighted by how the individuals in our community continue to step forward as volunteer leaders and active participants. Production of our next Journal is getting underway for a summer release, followed by our twenty-first Journal in late fall. 

This year will also be focused on the growth, development, and support for the PEAK team. We will expand our staff, strengthen governance structures, and greatly enhance our technical capacity to best meet the needs of this moment and our members. With more skills and experience represented on our staff and board, we are confident that we will make significant headway on our strategic objectives while being a reliable partner for the individuals and organizations who trust PEAK to support their work and careers.

As always, we’ll stay focused on you, our members, partners, supporters, and friends while living up to what PEAK stands for—Principles, Equity, Advocacy, and Knowledge—internally and externally.

If you see challenges as opportunities, then we’re in for a year of possibilities and growth! PEAK is well-positioned to support leaders like you because we operate alongside talented philanthropy-supporting organizations and thought leaders who run toward and not away from the difficult work of transformation. Partnership is critically important, and we value how our unique missions weave together to strengthen the philanthropic sector. 

Together, there’s nothing our collective cannot accomplish. Cheers to an outstanding year ahead!

Satonya Fair
President and CEO