Introducing PEAK Grantmaking


Welcome to PEAK Grantmaking, formerly Grants Managers Network.

We are excited about our new name. With our 2017-2019 strategic plan, it will underpin our move in a bolder, more ambitious direction. Rest assured, though, that our network—more than 3,400 strong—is no less important. In fact, it’s more so!

PEAK Grantmaking remains a member-led organization of, by, and for grantmakers. Across philanthropy, we are challenging ourselves and encouraging each other to take grantmaking to new heights. We are taking risks, committing to new aspirations, holding ourselves accountable to the highest ideals. PEAK Grantmaking will continue to support those efforts by advancing knowledge, learning, and collaboration with grantmaking professional and institutions throughout the field.

PEAK Grantmaking speaks to the evolution of the profession and the shifts occurring in the sector. As we look to the future, our next big milestone is to ensure that grantmaking professionals are recognized and valued for the strategic leadership they contribute to their organizations’ work to build a better world. The name “PEAK Grantmaking” will help us better represent and advocate for the profession.

PEAK Grantmaking is a dramatic change for our organization. However, it is one members have told us they are ready for. Together, we are leading philanthropy to new heights, elevating innovative, effective practices, and ensuring grantmaking professionals are best positioned to achieve their purpose.

We hope you will take advantage of the resources provided in the sidebar to learn more about PEAK Grantmaking.