Why Practices Matter

Your grantmaking practices are one of the most public—and sometimes one of the only—expressions of your organizational values that grantseekers experience. How do you want the world to see you?

Efficient and effective practices ensure that you direct the maximum amount of resources to mission—both yours and your grantees’. And sound practices and controls increase the public’s confidence in private sector philanthropy, enabling the field to continue its good work.

The cumulative impact of grantmakers’ varied application and reporting requirements undermines nonprofit effectiveness, causing grantseekers to devote too much time to seeking funding (often without payoff) and reporting on grants (often without benefit) to the detriment of their mission-based work.

Grantmaking practices matter because effective and efficient processes can alleviate burdens on nonprofits and reveal more to funders about their grants.

PROJECTSTREAMLINE_PracticesThatMatter_May2013_COVERRead our taking stock report called Practices That Matter (PDF) to find out how well Project Streamline has taken hold since its launch, and what’s left for grantmakers to focus on.


Grantmakers who streamline and use effective practices are Making More Time for Mission. (PDF)