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PEAK Grantmaking

Grantmakers and grantseekers both benefit from simplified grantmaking processes.

Project Streamline helps grantmakers reduce the burden of grantmaking requirements, so grants management professionals can obtain the information they need to make good grantmaking decisions and help their organizations and their grantseekers dedicate more time to mission-based work.

Project Streamline addresses the cumulative impact of grantmakers’ distinct and often laborious application and reporting requirements, which can undermine nonprofit effectiveness. Often, grantseekers devote excessive, untold time to pursuing funds (many times without a payoff) and reporting on grants (many times without benefit) at the expense of helping those they serve.

The elements and tools of Project Streamline are now part of the Principles for Peak Grantmaking.

Project Streamline works by:

  • Identifying flaws in the current application, monitoring, and reporting practices of grantmakers.
  • Recommending practices, resources, and tools to help grantmakers address those flaws.
  • Supporting grantmakers’ efforts to change.