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PEAK Grantmaking

Through the five Principles of Peak Grantmaking, PEAK Grantmaking calls on funders to move from conversation to action in advancing the big ideas that will move the practice of philanthropy to the practice of principled grantmaking.

It begins with a dedication to advancing our first Principle: Tie Practices to Values. These thought pieces from our partners and friends will help you think more broadly about organizational values, culture, and practices.

To realize its vision of a place where race, gender, and income no longer predict educational outcomes, the Gates Foundation took a gamble investing $1.1 million in a start-up organization – with remarkable results.

Make Your Values Mean Something, Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review shares the four imperatives for creating and living by an authentic organizational values statement.

Tying Grant Practices to our Foundation Values, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Explore the Hewlett Foundation’s Outcome-Focused Philanthropy model and how Hewlett uses the model to guide staff’s day-to-day grant practices and interactions.

From Procedural to Principled, blog post by Adam Liebling for PEAK Grantmaking
A brief (and light-hearted) history of grants management trends over the past twenty years illustrating how far the profession has come and where it’s headed next.

Dissonance and Disconnects, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy
EPIP’s 2017 survey of entry- to mid-level philanthropy professionals reveals a disconnect between their organization’s stated values and its practices, especially in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion. Enter your email address to download the full report.

How Leaders Can Strengthen Internal Culture, Stanford Social Innovation Review
Author Alexa Cortes Culwell shares tips on how to craft organizational values and accountability structures to support the well-being of the people most important to organization’s success – its own employees.

Being the Change, FSG
FSG explores the ways foundations are rethinking their approach to long-lasting social systems change, and reimagining their internal values, strategies and structures as a result. Enter your email address to download the full report.

Concrete tips on how to bring new ideas and approaches to foundation leadership to get to “yes” instead of “no.”

Culture Resource Guide, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
GEO has developed this comprehensive and in-depth resource guide designed to help grantmakers examine and improve their organizational culture and values – tasks critical to effective philanthropy. Many of the tools and articles are open while others require a GEO membership to access.