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PEAK Grantmaking

A Conversation on Risk, Trust, and Equity in Philanthropy

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As part of planning and producing the fall 2020 edition of the PEAK Grantmaking Journal: Reimagining Grantmaking, we convened a roundtable of thought leaders to talk about the concepts of risk, trust, and equity in philanthropy – and how they are evolving in the face of the multiple crises of 2020. As one of the participants noted: “This is the first time I’ve been asked to connect these frameworks in philanthropy.” Listen in on the wide-ranging conversation that sparked the article and pushed our editors and guest editors to be bold.


Adin Miller
Executive Director, Los Altos Community Foundation (facilitator)




Dana Kawaoka-Chen
Executive Director, Justice Funders




Maya Winkelstein
CEO, Open Road Alliance




Nicole Campbell
CEO, Build Up Advisory Group




Cristina Yoon
Senior Director of Grants Management, Skoll Foundation