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PEAK Grantmaking

Black Grant Directors’ Roundtable: Lessons from a Career in Philanthropy

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The publication of our winter 2020 edition of the PEAK Grantmaking Journal, focused on Black Voices in Grants Management, was just the beginning of this conversation for us. This webinar is the second in a two-part series focused on Black voices. View the recording of the first webinar. Hear from three grants management leaders who offer on-the-ground testimony to the challenges of Black professionals in the sector – from the complexities of practicing DEI, to the ways race has affected perceptions of their leadership, to the realities of code-switching their way through the white-dominant workplace.


Tim Robinson
AVP – Operations and Grants Administration, Lumina Foundation



Miyesha Perry
Director of Grants Management, Kenneth Rainin Foundation



Susan Hairston
Susan Hairston Consulting



Melissa Sines
Former Programs and Knowledge Director, PEAK Grantmaking