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PEAK Grantmaking

Creating Organizational Effectiveness and Resiliency Pilot Programs for a Post-pandemic World

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The nonprofit sector is at a crossroads. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic forced many nonprofit organizations to eliminate staff positions and resources or close permanently amid declining revenues. While many grantmakers stepped up to provide nonprofits with critical funding during this unpredictable period, there is only so much money to give and programs to fund. To prepare nonprofits for the new normal, the Jessie Ball duPont Fund (JBdF) piloted an Organizational Effectiveness and Resilience (OER) program to help its more than 300 grantees build capacity, increase adaptability and catalyze innovation. JBdF is partnering with five proven expert organizations in a multi-year pilot to educate grantees on topics designed to reap long-term benefits for the nonprofits and drive toward their equity goals: digital fundraising, transparency, feedback, data equity, and, for higher education institutions, first-generation student support programs. In this panel discussion, JBdF will explore the role grantmakers can play in building long-term capacity for their grantees. The panel discussion will engage with various partners on processes and results, as well as with grantees to share their experiences with the program. This panel will provide grantmakers across the country with a blueprint for executing their own innovative OER programs.


Jacob Harold
Executive Vice President

Britt Lake
Chief Executive Officer
Feedback Labs

Vinay Nair
CEO & Co-Founder

Meg VanDeusen
Director, Learning and Operations
Feedback Labs

Mari Kuraishi
Jessie Ball duPont Fund