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PEAK Grantmaking

Assessing Effectiveness of Foundations’ Grant Giving Through a DEI Lens

Organization Members Only

What is the likelihood of unconscious bias existing in grant giving practices? Studies have shown POC-led organizations receive less funding than white-led organizations. However, when POC-led organizations do receive funding there is often more oversight prior to approval of funding. How can grantmakers paradigm shift its funding practices and nurture a stronger DEI presence and more innovative grassroot strategies within its grant portfolio?

Dr. Wanda Montalvo is Co-Organizer of Nursing Mutual Aid and former Executive Director of the Jonas Nursing and Veterans Healthcare at Columbia University. Dr. Montalvo has extensive experience with programming and grant review. Dr. Juilius Johnson is a founding member and current President of the Greater New York City Black Nurses Association. Dr. Johnson has spent the past ten years serving underserved communities and reducing hospital rates for at risk populations. Both work extensively with communities of color to facilitate community-based programming and patient needs assessment. Their work is of high importance and enables them to provide the best healthcare possible for those they serve.

In this workshop, Dr. Montalvo and Dr. Johnson will share their assessment process, facilitators and challenges to community buy-in. Their goal is to challenge grantmakers to utilize this method of assessment to increase DEI awareness — which will lead to a healthier and fair assessment of POC-led organizations.


Julius Johnson, Dr.
Greater New York City Black Nurses Association

Wanda Montalvo, PhD, FAAN
Montalvo Consulting

Ursula Stewart
Grantmaking Industry Advisor