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PEAK Grantmaking

Equitable Tech: How Technology and Data Impact Equitable Outcomes

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As traditional grantmaking practices are being up-ended with the global pandemic and renewed energy around racial, social, and economic justice, what’s taking tech so long to catch up?  

In this four-part Philanthropy, Tech & Equity series, PEAK, TAG, GrantAdvisor, and Grantbook investigate how philanthropy can leverage technology to drive equitable grantmaking practices and build a social justice movement, step by step: Start with community. Understand the context. Apply an equity lens. Develop a shared vision. 

This series takes secret (and not-so-secret) accidental techies, data nerds, and tech futurists alike on a learning journey around philanthropy, technology, and equity.

Session 3: Equitable Tech: How Technology and Data Impact Equitable Outcomes

Principle #3 in social justice work: Apply an equity lens. Or, even better, get that equity Lasik. Once we understand our community and the landscape we work within, we need to start asking some tough questions. This thought-leader session explores all the ways that technology and data can help – or hinder – our equity goals. This session offers concrete action steps for examining your own technology frame.


Rebecca Van Sickle
Managing Partner, 1892 consulting




TeQuion Brookins
Director of Operations, McGregor Fund




Carly Hare
National Director/Coalition Catalyst, CHANGE Philanthropy