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PEAK Grantmaking

Funding Capacity through Data Investments

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Organizations on the frontlines are more stretched than ever and need capacity to grow and scale their programs. Can we shift the way we think of investing in our grant partners by truly meeting them where they are and by investing in what they really need? Could we build grant partner capacity through investment in the data that organizations need to scale? Can we make it easier for grant partners to invest in their operations and scale their programs through streamlining cross organization data analytics, goals and the data they share back to their funders, stakeholders and communities?

Join UpMetrics managing director Stephen Minix to learn how foundations are reshaping their approach to grantmaking by investing in the data and technology capacity needs of their grant partners. Foundations are not only investing in their own digital infrastructure, analytics, goal tracking and impact tools, they are beginning to look at the needs of their grant partners and communities to understand where there are gaps. This can be done through individual investments or by looking across a portfolio of partner organizations, funding their data needs, and uniting them to share data and best practices.

By investing in the data needs and strategy of their grant partners, foundations are beginning to unlock a stronger understanding of racial disparities within communities and can provide their grant partners and their communities with insights into what community challenges exist, analytics on progress toward their goals and impact, insight into demographics all empowering organizations with the data to drive their missions.


Stephen Minix
Director, Strategic Partnerships
Data for Good Fund, UpMetrics

Annie Rhodes
Managing Director

Michael Tipton
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation