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PEAK Grantmaking

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How to Be Transparent, Clear, and Responsive with Your Grantees

Organization Members Only

This guide is designed to help you assess your practices around transparency, communications, and responsiveness, and to help you create practices that support strong and trusting relationships. Redefining the power balance with your grantees starts with building stronger and more trusting relationships while also expanding your circles of trust to include perspectives different from your own.

Learn more about how to achieve organizational, process, and decision-making transparency by asking these questions:

  • What information about your organization are you sharing publicly and how easy is it to access your staff?
  • What information do you share about how to apply for, receive, or report on a grant that will help a nonprofit determine if they are a good fit and have the capacity to apply?
  • Do you communicate clearly about strategic and funding decisions and who is making those decisions?