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PEAK Grantmaking

Investing in Communities, Connecting to Strategy

A corporate grantmakers community webinar on community involvement and employee engagement.

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship‘s Community (BCCCC) Involvement Study 2019 explores how companies are investing in communities and how these efforts connect to their business strategies. In the 12 years that the Center has conducted this survey, they gained deeper insight into how the role of community involvement has become an incredibly important strategic component of business, particularly as it relates to engaging employees.

Colleen Olphert, BCCCC Director, Membership Services, discusses the data and highlights from the report including cool stats like: In this year’s report, BCCCC found that 95% of companies measuring the relationship between participation in employee volunteer programs and employee engagement scores have found a positive correlation.

  • ​Colleen Olphert
    Director, Membership Services, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship