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PEAK Grantmaking

Keynote | Philanthropy’s Response to COVID-19: The Changing Dimensions of Disaster Philanthropy

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, grantmakers have reacted by making sweeping changes to their grantmaking practices and priorities. With the increased frequency and intensity of events like this one, however, a strategic approach is more and more important.

This session helps funders understand the dynamics of disaster philanthropy and the overall disaster funding landscape, with a focus on using data to guide decisions. Highlights include the disaster lifecycle, the various roles of NGOs during each stage of a disaster, and the need to make investments in recovery, preparedness, and mitigation. You’ll also learn about the challenges NGOs are facing, and how you can be a more effective partner for communities after a disaster, helping them recover better and faster.

This session was sponsored by Blackbaud.


Supriya Kumar
Research Manager, Global Projects & Partnerships, Candid



Tanya Gulliver-Garcia
Assistant Director, Major Initiatives, Center for Disaster Philanthropy