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PEAK Grantmaking

Applying Supply Chain Management Techniques to Philanthropy

Philanthropic institutions are known for being rigid and unwavering in its adherence to a firm set of processes that have traditionally guided their operations. But grants managers can challenge the status quo and find ways to build in efficiencies wherever they can. In this session, attendees will be given an in-depth look at the world of supply chain management and how techniques from that field can be effectively used in the context of philanthropy, from demand planning and inventory management to logistics.

In this presentation, Dan Schoenfeld, vice president of the Association of Supply Chain Management Foundation, and Sam Caplan, founder of New Spark Strategies and former Walton Family Foundation chief information officer, explore the core concepts of supply chain management and offer ideas on how it can help transform philanthropy into a lean, mean, giving machine.

This session was sponsored by the Walton Family Foundation.


Sam Caplan
Vice President of Social Impact

Dan Schoenfeld
Vice President
Association for Supply Chain Management Foundation