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Equivalency Determination—The Basics 

Sponsored and presented by NGOsource.

Join NGOsource Legal Counsel Michael Demian as he talks through the equivalency determination (“ED”) process and how it can benefit both grantmakers and grantees.

This presentation aims to provide grantors with general knowledge about the ED process, based on IRS requirements/guidelines when donating to non-U.S. organizations. We will discuss the reasons, requirements, benefits, and potential challenges of EDs, as well as touch on a few unusual circumstances. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion. By the end of the presentation, participants should be able to recognize the key traits of a successful ED, and gain knowledge that could be helpful when communicating with potential grantees through their own internal vetting processes.


Michael Demian
Legal Counsel, NGOsource




This webinar is open and complimentary to all.