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PEAK Grantmaking

Grantmakers increasingly are called on to learn, partner, collaborate, and amplify lessons across issues, fields, and sectors. Grantmaking practices must be designed to manage and share knowledge productively, in ways that inform grantmakers, grantees, and the social sector more broadly.

Grantmakers that are committed to continuous learning promote learning, clarify the purpose of reporting and evaluation, build reporting structures that support internal and external learning, and share what they learn to build the sector’s body of knowledge. They learn from and alongside grantseekers, grantees, peer funders, and others. In sharing transparently, the data may affirm grantmakers’ work or reveal challenges. Regardless, the knowledge will advance grantmaking strategies to the next level.

Board members and senior leaders at grantmaking organizations must use data and knowledge to push their grantmaking strategy to achieve greater impact.

Grants management professionals translate data into information and the knowledge needed to improve practices, strategies and impact.

PEAK Grantmaking calls on grantmakers to design practices that promote learning and share knowledge to contribute to the sector’s impact.

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