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PEAK Grantmaking

A Model for Competency

Greetings from the PEAK Grantmaking Education Team! We are so excited about our newest resource—the Grants Management Professional Competency Model—developed to give you a clear set of competencies you need to be great in your role.

As a self-proclaimed learning nerd, I LOVE models that make sense and lead you to what you need. That is exactly what our new model does.

A competency model paints a picture for what it looks like to be great in your role, and provides a roadmap to get there. By reviewing the competency categories, performance indicators, and knowledge needed, you can easily assess yourself and identify areas you would like to learn more about or gain proficiency in.

There are other uses too! A few of your colleagues have used the model to examine their grants management department by assessing the talent on their team, identifying gaps and making the case to add more capacity in the form of another position. Another grants management professional is using the model to provide context to her CFO to demonstrate the value she brings to her small foundation and ask for a title change and, hopefully, a salary increase. PEAK Grantmaking is using the model to develop competency-based resources and learning opportunities for the areas laid out in the model.

How will you use it? Share your stories and questions on the professional development CONNECT community to get feedback from your peers or email me directly. I’d love to hear from you about how you’re planning to use this new resource!