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PEAK Grantmaking

Full-Moon Leadership: Reflecting the Brilliance of Community

“Everyone has the potential to lead, and leadership is about listening and being attuned to everyone else. It’s about humility. It’s about trust. It’s about flexibility. It’s about having fun along the way. It is about holding space for others’ brilliance rather than being the sole source of answers.” —adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy When I joined Akonadi Foundation in 2015 as a grants manager, I was excited to be working for an organization whose stated mission was to “eliminate structural racism.” I was committed to bringing my full self to propel this mission and build grantmaking practices that promote justice. Over the years, this has encompassed using my position to advocate for practices that more accessibility for applicants, reduce burden on grantees, and explore how we could do more to cede power and bring community partners into the foundation’s decision-making. When I moved into a program officer role at