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About this issue

In a 2016 keynote, Packard Foundation President and CEO Carol Larson called the growth of intermediaries one of the greatest developments of the decade’s first half. As such, many across the sector are asking questions about what they do and whether their growth is good.

Intermediaries, sometimes called regranters, connect the dots between donors and grantees, managing the grantmaking process with expertise gained from thousands of similar transactions. In this issue, we scrutinize the value of this increasingly important position, aiming to illuminate their utility, influence, and accountability; how intermediaries foster greater flexibility, capacity, and innovation; and what grant managers can do to build strong partnerships with them.

What's Inside

Put Me In Coach

Big shifts are happening within philanthropy that are making intermediaries more important. More donors are choosing Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) as their giving vehicle of choice instead of traditional foundations, as DAFs offer greater flexibility.

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The Stigma Against Fiscal Sponsorship Needs To End

One of the common complaints lobbed against the nonprofit sector is that we have too many nonprofits competing for resources. So when someone suggests that they might possibly be thinking of maybe starting their own nonprofit, the response from many of us is often “Get the torches and pitchforks!” Then we chase after them, flinging rocks and hummus, until they and their ridiculous ideas of founding a nonprofit are driven out of our village.

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An Introduction to Intermediaries

As intermediaries grow, many across the sector are asking questions about what they do and whether their growth is good. These are important questions to ask, and not simple ones to answer—in part because the term “intermediary” encompasses many different types of organizations serving many different purposes.

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An Advocate for the Work: The Grants Management Role in Working with Intermediaries

Grants management’s intersection with foundation-intermediary work has not been addressed in the literature, though grants managers have a lively interest in the subject.

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Making Grants to a Pooled Fund: What Grant Managers Need to Know

When donors wish to pool their resources, an intermediary can serve as a neutral and efficient platform to receive and deploy funds.

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