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PEAK Grantmaking

International Grantmaking

About this issue

In an increasingly complex and globalized world, many grantmakers now view international engagement as an imperative.

As new global initiatives encourage more cross-border and cross-sectoral collaboration, and GivingUSA finds 2016 giving for “international affairs” totaling $22 billion, we devote this season’s issue to international grantmaking. Along with a primer and our resource roundup, you’ll find multiple angles on global philanthropy, from an examination of Sustainable Development Goals and the “closing space” for civil society to diaspora philanthropy, gender lens investing, the international role of community foundations, grantmaking in China, and more.

The Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation’s Brad Cameron-Cooper and Paragon Philanthropy’s Andrzej Kozlowski serve as guest co-editors.

What's Inside

First Do No Harm: Reflective Practice for Grantmaking in the International Human Rights Context

When supporting social justice initiatives in countries where human rights are under threat, responsible grantmaking means taking additional steps to avoid putting grant recipients at risk.

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Project Drawdown’s Blueprint of Possibility to Reverse Global Warming—A Guide for Grantmaking

Scientists have done an extraordinary job detailing the current and future impacts of global warming. Despite three decades of committed international research, however, no one had developed a comprehensive, actionable, and convincing path forward to reverse it. Many powerful solutions have gone unnoticed or are unknown. Project Drawdown was created to change that.

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Gender Lens Investing and Moving the Needle on the Sustainable Development Goals

In the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the world is reaching towards the most ambitious set of goals ever seen. The 17 goals set out a series of targets covering social justice and economic development in all countries including health, education, environmental standards, poverty, hunger and gender equality. But where to start?

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Supporting Evidence-Based Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa

An interview with Norma Altshuler and Sarah Lucas to learn how they see philanthropy’s role in the global development space, especially in advancing government use of data and evidence to create better policies.

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Shifting the Meaning of Community: U.S. Community Foundations Increase Their International Giving

Research by Foundation Center and the Council on Foundations shows that international giving by U.S. community foundations grew more than three-fold from $103 million in 2011 to $315 million in 2015, a much more rapid increase than the 29% growth in international giving by all U.S. foundations. What explains this growth and what else do we know about global grantmaking, leadership, and engagement by U.S. community foundations?

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Leveraging the Sustainable Development Goals in Your Grantmaking

Grantmaking data shows that foundations around the world have committed more than $50 billion towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since they were adopted in 2015. Predictions assert that by 2030, that number will rise to at least $364 billion. But what are the SDGs, how does current U.S. foundation grantmaking align with them, and how can U.S. foundations start leveraging the SDGs?

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International Grantmaking: An Overview

Along with government, the private sector, and civil society, philanthropy is a critical partner in the global response to humanitarian, development, environmental, and other challenges. Some U.S. grantmakers have long recognized their vital role in a globalized world. Others, such as community foundations, are now discovering their relevance and responsibilities on the international stage as the line between local and global challenges has blurred.

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Philanthropy and the Closing Civic Space: How donors are supporting organizations under threat

Over the past 10 years, cross-border grantmaking has become more challenging, and the day-to-day work of civil society organizations in many parts of the world has become increasingly difficult.

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Grantmaking Lifecycle

International Grantmaking Resources

A roundup of resources to help build your
knowledge and skills in making grants globally.

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