Champions Toolkit

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Welcome to the Project Streamline Champions Toolkit!

If you’re interested in moving your organization toward more sensible and streamlined application and reporting practices, you’ve come to the right place! The pages that follow contain practical tools and resources that you can use to understand your current practice, make the case for streamlining, benchmark against colleague organizations, and identify opportunities to make meaningful change.

The Champions Toolkit Contains:

  1. Streamlining Champion Basics
  2. Making Streamlining Stick:  The Streamlining Process
  3. What’s First? Five Practices That Matter
  4. Tools You Can Use
  5. Champions Speak Out! 

Downloadable Tools

Project Streamline’s Four Core Principles:

  1. Take a fresh look at information requirements: request only what is used in decision-making.
  2. Right-size requirements: align application and reporting to the size and type of grant.
  3. Reduce the burden on grantseekers: reduce unnecessary and onerous practices.
  4. Straightforward and clear communication with grantseekers.


Glossary of Key Concepts and Terms

NET GRANT: The grant money available to apply to real work, after subtracting the cost of applying for, monitoring, and reporting on a grant.

Because it took us 40 hours to apply for that $5,000, the net grant was less than $3,000.

RIGHT-SIZE:  Making application and reporting requirements proportionate to the size and type of grant, as well as the prior funding history of the grantseeker.

When the funder combined its final report with the proposal for the next round of funding, it helped to right-size the process for repeat grantees.

THE BURDEN: The work associated with making and receiving grants.

No matter how streamlined, funders will still want to conduct due-diligence, understand how funds are to be used, and assess organizations’ financial health. The burden exists, but who is responsible for it might shift. 

STREAMLINING GOGGLES:  Also known as Streamlining Hat, Streamlining Lens, etc.  A mindset that, once adopted, allows you to discern unnecessary requirements, redundant questions, and onerous practice to the essential elements of your grantmaking process.

Put on your streamlining goggles and then tell me again why those quarterly reports are necessary!