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2020 Grants Management Salary Report

Since we produced our last salary report in 2016, the profession of grants management has been rapidly evolving – with the “how” of grantmaking increasingly recognized as central to organizational strategy.

Among the key findings in our 2020 report:

  • The average salary reported was $82,062, up nearly 8 percent from our 2016 report.
  • Even with the dominance of women across the field, there remains a troubling difference between men’s and women’s salaries that echoes overall U.S. statistics.
  • The differences in reported salary across job bands and among races were not as pronounced as the differences between gender. However, staff diversity goes down as decision-making authority goes up, echoing broader sector trends.

Explore the full report to find salary detail by grantmaker asset and type, region, job band, years in the profession, education, race, gender, sexual orientation, and ability or disability.