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PEAK Grantmaking

Building the Future of Philanthropy

Organization Members Only

Many sectors are using algorithms, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and other tech to completely change how they operate. Not so with philanthropy. But what if grants management drove this change to build the future in an equitable way? In this interactive session, learn how technology can simplify and improve the process for nonprofits and funders to connect and engage with each other, how existing platforms from other sectors could transform how philanthropy is executed, and how technology can upend power dynamics by fostering strong and transparent relationships. After a preliminary presentation, attendees will be broken out into groups to explore this session’s ideas further. For the last ten minutes of the program, presenters will share ideas from the full group and use those insights to suggest the next steps to continue this journey.


Chindaly Griffith
Philanthropic Advisory

Streamlife Consulting, LLC.

Adam Liebling
Director of Grants Management
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation