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PEAK Grantmaking

(Re)defining “Intermediaries”: Partnering Strategically with Grassroots International Grantmakers

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Intermediary grantmakers have become an increasingly popular tool to enable large-scale funders to support grassroots, international groups and movements which they may not otherwise have direct access to. While the term has been loosely defined, it still connotes a somewhat transactional relationship between the funder and the “intermediary,” which does not fully capture the potential for strategic collaboration and partnership between both funders. In this panel session, we will challenge the notion of intermediaries as transactional funding mechanisms and redefine these as mutually beneficial partnerships that enable both large-scale funders and grassroots, global funders to mitigate risk, streamline compliance processes, and enable more collaborative, grassroots grantmaking to leverage mutual learning and maximize impact.


Jen Bokoff
Director of Development
Disability Rights Fund

Adriana Jimenez
Association Director of International Operations
American Jewish World Service (AJWS)

Nicholas Opinsky
Senior Development Officer
American Jewish World Service (AJWS)

Arlene Wilson-Grant
Director of Grants Management
Disability Rights Fund

Mallory Womble
Grants Manager
American Jewish World Service (AJWS)