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PEAK Grantmaking

#FixTheForm: An International Movement to Advance Equity through Grantmaking Technology

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Surprise pop-up questions. Not being able to save information. Applications that take 25 hours to complete and net only $2,000. Poorly designed grant applications cost nonprofits precious time, create unequitable access to funding, and lead to burnout and turnover in key roles. To identify the top pain points in grant applications, two fundraisers analyzed feedback in 2,500 reviews of foundations on and subsequently launched a survey of nonprofits that garnered 500 responses from 9 countries in less than four weeks. This work launched the #FixTheForm initiative, which curates practical recommendations and unique insights at a moment when the field is poised to make great changes. Join this interactive workshop to discover ways your organization can #FixTheForm and make small yet impactful changes based on field-recommended best practices. Participants will have an opportunity to review their own grant applications in real time and will walk away with a list of practical ideas and simple, effective solutions that will make their grantmaking processes more equitable and efficient.


Kari Aanestad
Co-Director, #FixTheForm

Laura Solomons
Head of Donor Relations, Chair and Trustee
Sutton Trust, Peter Minet Trust