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PEAK Grantmaking

What Would You Do? Case Studies in Philanthropic Transformation

Values-aligned grantmaking is incredibly complex, requiring that attention is simultaneously paid to people, processes, and behaviors.

As a follow-up to Justice Funders’ mainstage event focused on the Resonance Framework for Philanthropic Transformation, this session will take a deeper dive into the applications of the framework and the day-to-day dilemmas that challenge even the most experienced grants management and operations professionals. Here, participants will have an opportunity to unpack specific case studies through an inquiry-based lens in order to better understand the decision points that can move people to action.


Kimi Mojica
Consulting Director
Justice Funders

Elaine Mui
Grants & Operations Manager
General Service Foundation

Maria Nakae
Senior Engagement Director
Justice Funders

Cristina Yoon
Senior Director of Grants Management
Skoll Foundation

Rebecca Van Sickle
Managing Partner
1892 consulting, LLC