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PEAK Grantmaking

Using Research and Data to Develop Equitable Grantmaking Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Last year, as the COVID-19 pandemic devastated communities across the world, two funders in Texas partnered to develop strategies for using research and data to both highlight significant disparities and direct resources to communities that were most in need. The Episcopal Health Foundation and OneStar Foundation worked together to explore publicly available data sets to identify the state’s most heavily impacted regions that were less likely to have sufficient resources to respond to the pandemic’s economic, social, and health challenges.

Beyond providing a regional breakdown of the impact of COVID-19, this work emphasized that, while data-driven philanthropy can improve equitable giving, there is a serious lack of data transparency in the philanthropic sector.

In this session, explore how this problem can be solved through the creation of an interconnected network of funders that collaborate in real time by collecting usable grantmaking data, openly sharing that data online, discussing best practices for using data, identifying gaps in funding to better leverage dollars, and investing in building the research and evaluation capacity of the nonprofit sector.


Robiel Abraha
Research and Evaluation Officer
Episcopal Health Foundation

Megan Maldonado
Program Manager
OneStar Foundation