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Intro to Data Visualization and Accessibility (PEAK Southern California)

When you visualize data, that information becomes easier to understand and remember. It also becomes easier to see outliers, trends, relationships, and patterns, some of which might have escaped notice if it weren’t for the power of images—even the simplest charts and graphs. What’s more, becoming a compelling visual storyteller only requires mastering a few key principles.

In this session, PEAK Southern California Communications Chair Richelle Pittella shared how you can employ tools already at your disposal to maximize the impact of data visualizations for reports, presentations, and dashboards. Participants also learned ways to incorporate accessibility practices into all facets of their work so that the creative choices they make will be best received by those in their audience with disabilities and impairments.


Richelle Pittella

Richelle Pittella
Grants Training and Process Manager
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation