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PEAK/EPIP Career Series | Practical Tools for Self-Advocacy and Pay Equity

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In the final session of our learning series for emerging practitioners, we focused on compensation equity. According to the 2018 Nonprofit Compensation Report, GuideStar found that white women in the nonprofit workforce made just 77 percent of the total earnings made by white men. This gap is even more pronounced for women of color. For example, Black or African American women made 61 percent of white men’s total earnings and Hispanic women made 53 percent of total earnings in 2017.

These inequalities have real consequences for nonprofit and public sector professionals, but you can make a difference for yourself and others! Kaitlin Ostlie, Tashie Sloley, and Indya Hartley demonstrate how you can leverage publicly available tools and information like salary and jobs survey reports and form 990s to address wage and title discrepancies and advocate for change.


Kaitlin Ostlie

Kaitlin Ostlie
Grants Associate
Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing

Tashie Sloley

Tashie Sloley
Grants Officer
Carnegie Corporation of New York

Indya Hartley

Indya Hartley
Grants Manager
The ELMA Philanthropies Services