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PEAK Grantmaking
Career Journeys in Philanthropy

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PEAK/EPIP Community Conversation: A Leader Salon on Career Journeys in Philanthropy

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PEAK Grantmaking and Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) present the first session of a three-part learning and professional development series where we explore career journeys in philanthropy, equity as an essential competency for emerging leaders, and tools for effective self-advocacy and pay equity in your career journey.

This first event in the series celebrated the release of PEAK’s Career Journeys in Philanthropy Journal, which highlights accidental technologists and process pioneers who led critical, formative work to make grantmaking more efficient, more effective, and ultimately, more equitable.

We invited some of the leaders highlighted in this issue to share their career journeys, then we broke out into more intimate “salons” for a deeper conversation around the triumphs and challenges of pursuing a career in philanthropy.


Satonya Fair

Satonya Fair, JD
President and CEO
PEAK Grantmaking

TeQuion Brookins

TeQuion Brookins, Journal Guest Editor
Director of Operations
McGregor Fund

Lourdes Inga

Lourdes Inga, Journal Guest Editor
Executive Director
International Funders for Indigenous People

Eusebio Diaz
Chief of Staff
Episcopal Health Foundation