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How to Get Started with Demographic Data

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Despite a growing focus on equity amongst most grantmakers, organizations led by and serving diverse populations remain underfunded, and equitable positive outcomes for those populations remain elusive. One of the reasons for this is philanthropy’s failure to account for demographics, especially race.

Learn more about how you can start or improve your practices regarding demographic data by:

  • Collecting and using demographic data on your own board and staff, grantee board and staff, people served, and communities affected by your funding.
  • Comparing organizations and communities that are being funded and those that are declined to inform grantmaking impact and ensure accountability to your values.
  • Sharing your own demographic data with both internal and external stakeholders and communicating how demographic data you collect will be used and protected.
  • Supporting grantee capacity and technical skills to collect demographic data, and other diversity, equity and inclusion work.